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Machinery sale

Automatic water soluble filming machine

+ Covering machines
+ Grinding machines
+ Numberating
+ Folding machines
Round cornering and punching machines

+ Die-cutting machines
Slitter and scorer and stitching machines

+ Laminating machines
+ Gluing machines - Adhesives
+ Compressors
+ Line for making hard boxes
+ Crosshatchers
+ Sewing machines
+ Waste balers
+ Expouse units
+ Perforating and creasing machines
Registering and thumb diecutting machines

+ Cutting machines
UV Oil-passing Polishing Dual Machine

+ Jolting tables
+ Window patching machines
+ Pad printing and screen printing machines
+ Three knife trimmers
+ Binding machines for V2
+ Binding machines for V1 + V3
+ Paper drilling machines
+ Calendar production
+ Aureationing
+ Pile turners

+ Second hand machines

Expendable supplies

About company
MONT-ALU s.r.o.

The company MONT-ALU was established in 1997. The registered office is in Skalica - the Mecca of printing. Here we have our office, store and factory buildings.

We make three-functional machine Uniric that is intended to perforating, creasing and cutting self-adhesive paper. In the future we plan to extend our manufacturing activity on further equipments.

We buy and sell new and used machines for printing, cartonnages and bookbinding. We do general repairs of the machines, installation of the control systems to cutting machines, various mechanical modifications of the equipment for wider use of the material processing. We deliver spare parts to the machines of various producers from any European country.

We expanded the field of the expendable supplies on the offer of the hot melt for V2 binding. For several years we offer Twin Wire and calendar hooks.

We thank all our customers for long-standing cooperation and for the printing development in the Slovak Republic. We look forward to further cooperation.


MONT-ALU, spol. s r.o.
Vrádište 269
908 49
Slovak Republic
European Union


+421 34 664 7086 (phone)
+421 905 407 978 (mobile)
+421 34 664 7085 (fax)

palo@montalu.sk (mail)
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11. 09. 2014
Waste balers
Vertical Baler LH 300

25. 01. 2012
Waste balers
Baler MacFab HZ 70T

27. 07. 2011
Cutting machines
Cutting machines IDEAL

26. 07. 2011
Perforating and creasing machines
Creasing and perforating machine GPM 450
Creasing and perforating machine GPM 450SA

26. 07. 2011
Sewing machines
Sewing machine SXC-460

16. 07. 2011
Calendar production
Twin ring wire (wire-0) binding machines

16. 07. 2011
Pad printing and screen printing machines
Mobile drying racks, screen printing frames

16. 07. 2011
New waste balers
Waste baler MacFab 60
Waste baler MacFab 90
Waste baler MacFab 550 heavy duty

11. 07. 2011
New machine
Crosshatcher DFJ 1600

10. 07. 2011
New folding machines
Folding machine CFM 500
Folding machine CFM 650

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